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Dove Prisms
Dove prisms  can be used as an image rotator, the output image rotates through twice the angle that the prism rotates through. Dove prism also can be used as a retroreflectors.
General Specifications
Dimensional tolerance
Surface quality
60-40 S/D
Protective bevel
Angular tolerance:
Typical Sizes
Choose Coatings  
Single layer MgF2
Anti-reflective coating, R<0.25%@design wavelength
        How to order Dove Prisms?              Example:
Material:   N-BK7
Size:   15.0x15.0, C=62.4mm, ±0.1mm
Angular accuracy:   45°±1'
Surface quality:   60-40 S/D
Surface flatness:   λ/4 @633nm
Coating:   AR @780nm, R<0.5%, AOI=45°
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