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UV Fused Silica Windows

Fused silica glass is a very excellent material. It has an exceptional high transmissivity and a very low absorption for ultraviolet light. Already at 185 nm more than 80 % of the light can be transmitted.
The enormous operating temperature range and the thermal strength of quartz glass is remarkable. It permanently can be used at temperatures of 1000°C. Moreover, quartz glass material has a high thermal shock resistance.
Quartz glass is extremely resistant to salt solutions, acids and water. The chemical resistance of quartz glass to bases surpasses almost all other glass materials.

Due to the high material purity, quartz glass has remarkably good electrical insulation properties. It offers a particularly high insulation resistivity, since electrical currents can flow essentially only through moving ionic impurities and these impurities are very small in the case of quartz glass. This is an important property not only for semiconductor applications.

* Dimensional tolerance±0.1mm
* Thickness tolerance±0.1mm
* Surface quality40-20 S/D
* Surface flatnessL/4 @633nm
* Parallelism3 arcmin
* Protective bevel0.25mm x45deg
WIN02-10x1 UV Fused SilicaΦ10.01.0
WIN02-12.7x2UV Fused Silica Φ12.72.0
WIN02-15x2 UV Fused Silica Φ15.02.0
WIN02-20x2UV Fused Silica Φ20.02.0
WIN02-25.4x3UV Fused Silica Φ25.43.0
WIN02-30x3UV Fused Silica Φ30.03.0
WIN02-38.1x3UV Fused Silica Φ38.13.0
WIN02-50x5UV Fused Silica Φ50.05.0

1) Anti-reflective coating is available upon request.
2) If the listed items do not fit your application, please ask CeNing for customized windows.
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