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Beamsplitters Plate
Plate Beamsplitters are part-mirrors that reflect part of incident energy and transmit the rest
General Specifications
Dimension tolerance
3 arc min
Surface quality
60-40 S/D
Surface flatness
Clear aperture
Protective bevel
Front surface (S1)
Partial reflective coating
Back surface (S2)
AR coating
Reflectance/Transmittance R/T=50/50% ±5% Other ratio is available
( R,T are the average of S- and P-pol)
Incident of angle: 45°±2°
Typical Sizes
      Diameter (mm)
    Φ5.0,    Φ10.0,   Φ12.7
    0.5,  1.0,  1.5
    Φ15.0,  Φ18.0,   Φ20.0
    2.0,  2.5,  3.0
    Φ25.4,  Φ38.0,   Φ50.8
    5.0,  6.0
Other shape and size are available
        How to order Beasmplitter Cubes?              Example:
Material:   N-BK7
Size:   15.0x15.0x15.0±0.1mm
Wavelength:   430-680nm
Transmittance:   T=50±5%
Reflectance::   R=50±5%
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