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About the Company  

CeNing Optics Co., Ltd is a China-based optical company specializing in producing optical components used to control light. Our commitment is to deliver excellent quality products on time and provide best service.

Our products include prisms, lenses, windows, beamsplitters, waveplates, polarizers, mirrors, filters and related products. We supply all these optical components not only in standard design, but also in customized design.

Our products have been delivered to global market mainly in North America, Europe and Asia. Our customers are from industry, university, government laboratories.Whatever industry you may be in, we are committed to be a long term and reliable supplier of your company.

Prototyping and volume-production
With our extensive tooling inventory, CeNing Optics can produce prototype in short term with very low tooling cost. We have enough facilities and people to manufacture large quantity products in schedule and on time.

Quality assurance
Every product before shipped out need to pass through inspection to meet customer requirements. Optical metrologies included spectral photometer, goniometer, interferometers ensure the measurement of all specifications.
Customized Design
CeNing Optics is dedicated to manufacture optical components based on individual customer requirements. We can use our capability to create products that meet customer needs. We are willing to take on more specialized projects to make special optical components.
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CeNing Optics Co.,Ltd, Tel: +86 591 8733 8232 Fax: +86 591 8733 4595  E-mail: sales@cn-optics.com
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