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Frequently Asked Questions

  FAQ about ordering

1) How to know the price of products?

Re: Please contact our sales with your detail requirements, we'll send you the quotation within 1 day. European customers can get a reply in same day. 
We do not issue standard prices, because the specifications and quantity of optical components are various. 

2) How to order products from CeNing?

Re: You can place an order to us via fax, email, or postal mail. Our sales will send you an order confirmation within 2 days. To avoid any misunderstand, we don't accept order by phone.

3) I want to custom the products for my application. Is it available?

Re: It's available. We produce optical components in both customized design and standard design. Please send us your detail requirements or drawings. We will check if it's possible to produce, and reply you in 2 days.

4) What's the lead time?

Re: It depends on the products. It also depends on the quantity. Some products can be shipped within 2 weeks, some need more weeks. Delivery time will be indicated in the quotation.

5) How to make payments to CeNing? What's the payment term?

Re: The payments can be made by Wire Transfer or cheque. The term is net 30 days for regular customers.

6) I have no experience with CeNing products, and worry about the products quality. Can CeNing guarantee the products to be complied with requirements?

Re: You don't need worry the quality too much. First of all, we do what we are capable of. When we receive your inquiry and send you quotation, we will report you what we can achieve and what we can't. 
With years of experience and skilful staff, CeNing have the capability to produce high quality products. 
All of optical components shipped from CeNing are fully inspected and controlled to meet customers' requirements.

7) In case there is a faulty product, or one of specification is out of requirement. How do I handle it?

Re: Please return faulty products to CeNing, and we'll inspect them and make free replacements for you.

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