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Right Angle Prisms
Right angle prisms  are most popular of all prisms. Right angle prisms are used to deviate beam through 90°, when beam enters normal to right sides, and as also a retroreflector to deviate beam through 180° when beam enters normal to hypotenuse.
General Specifications
Standard Precision
High precision
Dimensional tolerance
Surface quality
40-20 S/D
10-5 S/D
Surface flatness
Angular tolerance
±3 arcmin
±1 arcmin
Clear apeture
Protective bevel
Protective bevel
Materials: N-BK7, UV Fused Silica, other optical glass
Typical Sizes
Other sizes and shapes are available.
Angular accuracy   (45°-90°-45°)

Choose Coatings (Please specify which surfaces require coatings)
Single layer MgF2
Anti-reflective coating, R<0.25%@design wavelength
High reflective dielectric coating.
Protected Aluminum
        How to order Right Angle Prisms?              Example:
Material:   N-BK7
Size:   10x10x10±0.1mm
Angular accuracy:   ±1'
Surface quality:   60-40 S/D
Surface flatness:   λ/4 @633nm
Coating:   AR @430--680nm, R<0.5%, AOI=0°
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