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Penta Prisms
Penta prisms are used to deviate an incident beam 90┬░ independent of small positional changes of the prism with respect to the beam. The image is neither inverted nor reversed.
General Specifications
Dimensional tolerance
Surface quality
60-40 S/D
Protective bevel
Surfaces S1 & S2
Single layer MgF2 coating
Surfaces S3 & S4
Aluminized and painted black
Deviation 90┬░accuracy:
< 1'
Typical Sizes
Beamsplitting Penta
Beamsplitter penta prism is a penta prism glued with a wedge on a reflecting surface. It is used to divide an incident beam into two separate beams: Transmission and Reflection. The image is neither inverted nor reversed.
Beamsplitter ratio (R:T)   80%:20% for 630-680nm (±5%)
Angular Deviation:  
< 1'
        How to order Penta Prisms?              Example:
Material:   N-BK7
Size:   15x15±0.1mm
Deviation:   ±15"
Surface quality:   60-40 S/D
Surface flatness:   λ/4 @633nm
Coating:   AR @430--680nm, R<0.5%, AOI=0┬░
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